About Us

Organic, Ethical and Purposeful is the definition of Ortainical 
Ortainical Baby is an Australian owned baby gift store that is passionate about social and environmental sustainability. Offering high quality handpicked gifts that are organic, sustainable and ethically made all whilst helping improve the lives of vulnerable children.

Ortainical Baby is built upon a vision of helping vulnerable children in Australia and around the world live a better life.

Ortainical Baby was founded in 2013 and finally brought to life in 2021 by founder Faye Tahsildar who wanted to combine her love of making baby gifts and helping children in need.
Too many vulnerable children in Australia and around the world have no access to family, food, education and medicine.
Ortainical Baby began in order to help make a difference.
With every ethically and sustainably made product that you buy from Ortainical Baby, you are helping children live a better life-be loved, cared for and receive an education.

Together we can make a difference and end the cycle of poverty.
Every Purchase Helps A Child In Need ♡

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